Our History

Around 80's Eleazar Garbelotto, took part in Florianópolis as member of MEL (free ecological moovement), group that created one of the first environmental conscious in the island and also responsible for creating protected areas (for example Lagoa do Peri City Park). In 1985,  with surfer friends, did help to create the Campeche Surfing Association, one of the first surfing associations with environmental focus that gave us as heritage one of the few preserved areas of sand dunes in Florianopolis, going from Campeche to Joaquina beach.

Since 1988 ( TDA startup), Keko works on Ecoturismo.
TDA Developed many tours that became famous nowadays in Santa Catarina State, as: Campeche Island Tour,  Kayaking in Lagoa do Peri City Park, Botuverá Cave Tour, Tabuleiro State Park Trekkings, Cubatão do Sul River Rafting, etc...

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Our Team

Our team is composed by expert guides with many years of experience in their areas.

We try to give to our customers more than adventure, we guive: happyness, symphaty and special care.

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*SINCE 1988*