Who Can Raft?
Anyone who enjoys the outdoors and is looking for adventure can raft. You need not be a fitness fanatic or an Olympic Athlete. TDA rafts typically hold an eight person crew and a guide.
What should I wear?
Bring a bathing suit, T-shirt and comfortable shorts or pens. Do not wear sweatshirts or jeans. Bring a change of clothes and towel for after the trip. Footwear must be worn at all times on the river. Sneakers or soft soled shoes are good.

Is rafting safe?
There is an element of risk in any adventure sport or activity associated with the outdoors. Because of the inherent risk, dangers and rigors required of rafting the rivers, rafters are required to sign a participation agreement  of risk assumption. The trip guides are all experts and long experienced. The equipment meets the safety standards and regulations. Outfitters provide life jackets and helmets. A major medical kit accompanies each trip. If you are concerned about your physical ability to take a trip, consult your physician. Use of drugs and alcohol prior to or during the trip is forbidden. Outfitters reserve the right to refuse trip participation.

Do I have to know how to swim?
No, but a healthy respect for and lack of fear of the water is recommended. Your outfitter will conduct a pre-trip river orientation and safety lecture .

What about the weather?

Raft trips go rain or shine. Most rafters will get splashed and wet even on the driest days. Wear plenty of sunscreen on bright days as the sun's rays are much stronger reflecting off the water.

Attention: Do not use Alcohol or Drugs before any adventure trip

Risk Involved in the Activities:

Loss of personal articles, for example, cameras, film equipments, spectacles or sun glasses, baseball caps, among others;

General risks of outdoor activities, such as insect bites and stings, poisonous animals, falling trees, unexpected changes in weather conditions, among others;

General Information

The training is only intended for you to become familiar with the equipment and procedures that will be used, and does not constitute a course;

You should eat a light meal, so consider eating well in advance na  bring food with you in case you wish to eat at the event venue;

To enjoy the activity you should wear clothes that are comfortable when wet and appropriate for physical exercise, tennis shoes or footwear designed to protect the feet and water resistant; sun screen and insect repellent are optional and recommended.

TDA Rafting & Expedições reserves the right to alter any activity according to the weather conditions.