TDA present a new experience: THE GARAPUVU CLIMBING

Short Canopy ride - 4 platforms composing a sequence of 5 obstacles. Maximum height of 18 m.

Starting with a soft climbing to reach the first platform...

...2 steel cables challenge you to go across until...

2nd platform: Where You're suspended in the air by Cables creating a superman like effect making it the closest experience to flying through the air while having a birds eye view of the earth below.

Arriving at Garapuvu Tree lower platform, now you must to climb a "spider web" for aprox. 5 m...

... to get the highest platform (18M), where starts abseiling, the only way to go down!

Expert guides and safe equipments are fully provided (helmets, carabine, pulley, harness and ropes).

Trip time: aprox. 20 minutes.

































*flying atop trees*


Imagine yourself flying atop trees through the beautiful
tropical vegetation.